The ‘Consulting’ Process

jojfsfgWondering what we do as consultants? Well, we do too! What I mean is that we are almost as clueless as the next person when we first take on a project. Due to the nature of the work we handle, it is often that we find ourselves with no plan going in. The first session is usually an informal one; hearing all about the so-called 'problem' or potential project, which can vary from company to company and from sector to sector. We can be asked to help start a project all together, with no input or restrictions, yet we can be thrown into a project that is already established and has a certain way of functioning. Once the initial consultation is over, we move onto developing a plan to properly diagnose the symptoms and/or task at hand. And finally, the actual consulting begins.

There are a few do's and don'ts when it comes to conducting the consultation process and giving optimal advice. This feature, of course, is very likely to be positively correlated to a professional's credentials and even more associated with their experience in their respective fields. Credentials or experience alone are not always an indicator of a good consultant. One must always question and be sure of the overall qualifications of their consultant of interest. "Consultants" are a dime a dozen these days, you must do your homework and choose wisely to ensure a successful outcome.