Marketing: ‘Gen X’ in a ‘Gen Z’ World


If you are like me and are often confused with the latest social media platforms out there, you must be a part of Gen X or anything before it (born in the 1980’s or below). Though we technically created the world this ‘Gen Z’ bunch lives in, they have somewhat used our creations as a platform to embark upon and exponentially exceed our expectations when it comes to social medias and its use.

Generation Z, or the iGeneration, is the one which follows the Millennials. They are often associated with extensive knowledge of technology and social media navigation, much more so than any other previous generation.

Social media has certainly interrupted how businesses market to consumers, and it surely does not discriminate between ethnicities, genders, or age. What once was a luxury or an advanced option of a marketing plan has now become a compulsory part of it. Incorporating social media campaigns in a marketing plan is no more an option but a MUST.

Social media currently functions as a mass media type of marketing strategy in its simplest sense - that everyone is subjected to it. Though lately, there have been some advances in the way social media targets selected audiences by their search preferences and previously viewed posts. Another way to target a certain niche market on social media is by selecting an online celebrity who has an acknowledgeable following with certain traits, most of which is reliant upon educated guesses rather than numbers.

Though targeting certain demographics on social media may be tricky especially if the task is left to unqualified personnel, there are a few matters to keep in mind when marketing to generations who are not as comfortable as Gen Y using the plethora of social media’s available:

  • Minimize, or better yet eliminate, the pre-viewing mumbo-jumbo (i.e. don’t ask us to scan, sort, edit, enter details, etc.) before viewing your advert or promotion.
  • Highlight the true intention of the ad (i.e. don’t try to trick me into a useless deal, you risk losing me as a customer altogether).
  • New social media platforms are popping up continuously, don’t jump on board immediately! Measure the pro’s & con’s of each type in order to avoid negatively impacting your brand.
  • Beware of using social media “bloggers” or “fashionistas” as a marketing tool, they are often driven by the profits instead of the brand, and most will spot the insincerity immediately.

Marketing using social media is a very sensitive but important topic which deserves a post on it’s own.  I will follow this article with one pertaining to the marketing aspect of social media soon.