Doing Business: The Kim Kardashian Way

kim k“Not bad for a girl with no talent!” – Kim Kardashian on her recent Forbes cover 

You’ve seen them on social media, you follow their every move, you’ve purchased an item they endorsed (guilty!), you have at least heard about them. With their dominance in the social media front unprecedented, it seems like you cannot escape the Kardashian family. They are entertaining to say the least, but it appears as though these girls are far more business-savvy than we give them credit for. This family, who’s fame expanded from a tv reality show, have successfully extended their brand into the technology world recently. From games to “Kimojis,” the Kardashian clan has left us guessing how they reached the stars. The business progression of the entire family is undoubtedly impressive, but one of them in particular is often credited for the family’s success – KIM KARDASHIAN, who recently landed Forbes Magazine cover.

Though her talent may not be one of a typical celebrity, and though she has not taken the conventional road to success, she did indeed follow the appropriate steps to success in her own unique way. Let us have a look at how, from a business perspective, she may have been able to achieve her success:

  • Where there's chaos, there is opportunity - She realized there was an opportunity in the midst of her initial dismay (the taboo "video" of her & her partner at the time). Though the opportunity didn’t present itself as a positive one at first, she took advantage of a situation which could have been solely destructive.
  • She knew her differentiating "assets" – ...and she gave us exactly what we were looking for. Her undeniable curves are on full display constantly in the latest body-hugging couture. This may have come at the expense of her privacy and what some may consider straying from the acceptable norms of society, but who are we to judge?!
  • She used other celebrities as her stepping stones – Whenever you feel there is someone who can up your game or be a positive influence on your goals, go ahead and reach out for them. Don't hesitate to ask a friend for a favor or two. Just don't over do it and know your limits.
  • She uses her social media as a research tool - Kim is definitely in tune with her fans. She constantly keeps them updated with her latest endeavors through  social media posts and asks their opinions on different aspects of her life, especially her looks.

If you are able to accept the aspects of her life which she had to sacrifice to achieve her goals, and your lucky stars are aligned perfectly, then maybe you can become the next Kardashian! In the meantime, at least you can get motivated by how they achieved their 'A list' status by further investigating them as a successful business case study. Good luck!