5 Habits of Highly Successful People

img_12In my previous years, I had a wise boss who taught me a few tricks to enforce a successful business model. What I didn't know at the time is that this advice would go a long way, deep into my professional, social and family life. His advice was to always know the reasons behind your failure, but also the reasons behind your success. So now, whenever I am in the company of entrepreneurs who have proven their methods successful, I try to observe both their professional and interpersonal skills. I subconsciously wish to figure out some kind of best-method theory, knowing very well that there is never a "correct" formula or business plan to ensure success. However, what I am figuring out is that there is definitely a common denominator of some sort among these people. Here are the top five traits which I have uncovered thus far:

  1. Time = Money - You will rarely hear these people say "I will email them later" or "I will talk to so and so tomorrow". When the opportunity avails, they are immediately taking action by placing a phone call or calling a person into their office to get their business taken care of. If they don't have to, they will not waste a minute waiting for another time to finish a task.
  2. They are usually politically correct - These people will rarely bad mouth their competition and/or any of their partners or employees. They make sure to get their point across without voicing a direct opinion, especially if it is negative.
  3. They are wonderful listeners - From the moment you walk into a meeting until the moment you walk out, these individuals are attuned to your every move. They listen carefully to what their visitors have to say and are always interested in learning.
  4. They are after the prize, not the fame - Many mistaken success to include fame but that is not always the case. If one's plan is to be a social media queen, for example, then fame will likely be the outcome of achieving their goal. However, monetary and professional success are rarely measured by fame. As a matter of fact, most of these highly successful people keep to themselves and usually avoid the media on a personal level.
  5. They are constantly at the 'drawing board' - While time is of the essence for these bosses, they do realize the constant need to plan and re-plan. They often take the time to asses and re-strategize according to what their data reveals at certain intervals. In short, they don't follow rigid guidelines and plans, they are open to change and therefore constantly evolving their business.